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If you want to learn to speak Spanish fluently then you are not alone. Spanish is a language that many people wish to learn. After all, 350 million other people speak it globally (it is the 4th most commonly spoken language worldwide).

It is widely accepted that once a person reaches a good standard of spoken Spanish it is far easier to learn yet another language also! Any other languages studied, particularly European ones, normally have many recognizable, similar elements that are learned more easily by tapping into your previous “learn Spanish” experience.

Once you have grasped Spanish other languages  such as French, Portuguese and Italian will almost seem too familiar thanks to your knowledge of the Spanish language.

So how are you going to learn? There are a few ways to go about it:

A Night Class:

You could take a night class at a local school or college. This may suit some but not others. You are stuck with whatever day the class is taught. This may not be convenient for you depending on your work/family life. You will typically pay up front and if you miss a class you will not be eligible for a refund. Classes tend to be at weekly intervals

This may suit some who wish to learn to speak Spanish fluently at a slower pace but may frustrate any faster learners within the class. In a learning environment such as this it is hard to get any one on one time with the tutor. This is simply due to the number of people in attendance. There is also the danger of being left behind as the tutor progresses from pronunciations for example or points of grammar that you have not fully understood or learned.

The Old Fashioned Way – By Book

You could always learn Spanish like thousands have before you and simply buy a book and teach yourself. You could even hire one out from your local library. An advantage of this method over the night class approach is that you are not confined to learning on a set day each week. You can pick and choose when you sit and learn. You could even do this whilst commuting to work.

A disadvantage to this method is that you miss out on how to properly pronounce words and phrases. it is all very well reading from a book but if you are starting this language from scratch you cannot possibly get a real feel for how this beautiful language should sound from a static piece of paper.

Also, it can be a pretty lonely place when learning from text only. It requires great self discipline to master a language this way.

Interactive Online Learning

This third option gives the student the advantages of both attending a night class (you hear how words and phrases should be pronounced) and book only format (you can learn at your own pace whenever you like).

In fact with the emergence of the internet there are some excellent language programs available that are proving so effective that the likes of night classes will soon be a thing of the past.

One such course is called Rocket Spanish. It includes:

32 Interactive Audio Course. Each audio lasts an average of 25 minutes (totalling 12 hours of audio). Learn these on your computer, on an MP3 player, on your car stereo or just about anywhere! It encourages you to take part in conversations between Spanish speakers (an excellent way to learn and build your confidence).

31 Language and Culture lessons. Set out clearly and easy to manage this amounts to 110 hours of comprehension. This can accelerate your learning fast – even if you are a complete beginner.

MegaSpanish software games enable you to gain even more knowledge in a fun way. it even gives you feedback as to your progress. Vocabulary, audio comprehension and verbs can be learned in double quick time.

Test yourself! Interactive quizzes and self tests enable you to chart your progress. With this it’s easy to see what areas require a little more work.

Unlimited 24/7 online access to the Rocket Spanish Learners’ Forum, where a team of Spanish teachers, native speakers, and fellow enthusiasts will answer your Spanish language questions.  it’s just like having your own Spanish teacher, virtually “on call” just for you.

Over 40,000 people who wanted to learn to speak Spanish fluently have succeeded by this incredible online method.

To read about their successes and experiences click here.  

To learn more click here.

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